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Time for a Change?

Times have changed, it’s not the 1980s anymore. Offices have changed a lot in the last 40 years. Productivity has risen globally, but the UK has been falling behind.

This all leads to the Productivity Puzzle.

Workplace Wellbeing and the Productivity Puzzle


83% of workers feel that their wellbeing influences their productivity. The importance of workplace is too great to ignore – take a look at how lighting can improve the lives of workers and the profits of businesses.

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Lighting for Wellbeing

The latest research tells us that the lighting can have a significant effect on our wellbeing – whether in the workplace, at school, whilst focusing or relaxing – and its up to everyone to ensure that people are provided with the right light for their environment, to maximise health and boost productivity.

Wellbeing Blog

What is Wellbeing and how can lighting help towards becoming happier, healthier, and more productive?

7 Powerful Outcomes

Take a look at what an enhanced human-centric lighting system can do in your workplace.

Making Economic Sense

The numbers, facts and figures behind an improved lighting arrangement in the workplace.

The Business Case for Healthy Buildings

The business case for wellbeing is also compelling. Physical and mental health benefits; staff retention and attraction; improved image and brand; and tangible improvements to productivity all contribute to an improved bottom line. This is coupled with a growing body of evidence that concludes healthy buildings are easier to let and have command higher rental values.

5 Impacts of Wellbeing

The Designers Brief

Wellbeing and Sustainability

Explore the 5 ways in which your business can be boosted with improved employee wellbeing.

How designers, consultants and architects can make the most out of human-centric solutions.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the ever-growing importance of Wellbeing and Sustainability policies in business

Featured Case Studies in Lighting for Wellbeing

What are our Customers Saying?

“The school hall and sports facilities have been transformed from dull, dimly lit areas to bright and welcoming spaces that promote engagement in learning and well-being, which is ideal for our students and our staff”

Kevin Dickens, Deputy Head Abbey School

“There always needs to be a focus on wellbeing; it makes people happier, more comfortable, and as a result it naturally makes people more productive, which is also important for us as a business”

Helen Lloyd, Engagement and Communications Manager at HomeLet

"We consulted patients to gather their thoughts on what would make the reception area more comfortable, then we worked with the architects and Tamlite to develop a space that would greatly enhance patient wellbeing"

John Scott, Capital Developments Manager at the Maple Leaf Centre

Tamlite Lighting CPD: Lighting for Wellbeing

Tamlite CPD modules are designed to pass on the knowledge that we have acquired after a lifetime in lighting, to help people understand the fundamental principles of good lighting practice. The industry continues to change and expand, and our CPD modules offer an in-depth guide to new developments within lighting. Sign up to our Lighting for Wellbeing CPD module to gather in-depth insight into the importance of lighting for wellbeing, and how best to achieve it.

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