The complete sports lighting solution.

Tamlite is a specialist in designing and supplying outstanding sports solutions, working with facility managers to create future-proof environments, that allow players to perform at their best.

As a result of this connection, Tamlite's systems adhere to regulations on lux levels, glare ratings and colour temperatures. This provides the optimal playing environment for a range of sporting activities.

Lighting for...

Sports facilities need to be tailored to the requirements of the people that use them, to enhance their performance and avoid costly injuries. Governing bodies for this sector in the UK have varying lighting requirements for different activities, and as many leisure centres are multifunctional, it is crucial that the lighting can be controlled, to suit all activities. These facilities needs to be about the players, so Tamlite create lighting designs that create the optimal playing space, without intrusion and distractions.

With luminaires that help to light all forms of sport and the venues they're played in, our complete lighting solution has an answer for every application within this sector.