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Tamlite’s BAFE accreditation is as a result of quality emergency lighting system design, utilising fully industry compliant ‘fit-for-purpose’ luminaires. Tamlite understands that emergency lighting is a key priority for facility managers, and ensure that all luminaires and system designs are compliant with British lighting standards, providing sufficient illumination for building occupants in the event of a loss of mains power.

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Emergency Lighting is essential for the safety of occupants in all buildings where people meet. Under the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005 it is a legal requirement and should be installed and tested in line with BS 5266:1 2016. With the Building Safety Bill now enshrined in law, crucial considerations must be made in regards to emergency lighting as the construction industry seeks to deliver excellence, consistency, and peace of mind.

In the event of a mains failure the lighting system, including signage, should provide adequate lighting levels and directional indication to allow the occupant to move safely around the building, and exit if necessary, without accident or injury. This kind of lighting is an essential part of a building safety system and is the responsibility of the building owner, occupier or manager to ensure compliance.

Take a listen to Tamlite's position on building safety and how we are asking the building sector to 'seize opportunity' for building safety change' in the wake of the Building Safety Bill - INTERVIEW


Emergency Lighting Compliance


Did you know that you are obliged to check that emergency lighting complies with legal requirements?

In any environment in which people meet or sleep, the lighting must be compliant with the relevant standards and legislation.

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This applies to retail buildings, places of work, hotels and rented properties. As a necessary requirement, building owners must be aware of what they need to do in order to achieve a compliant, safe building.

Failure to comply with the above will result in a significant fine or potential jail sentence, so it pays to be diligent with lighting like this . Download our free emergency lighting checklist, to make sure your building, business or property is fully compliant.