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Led tape

LED Tape (or LED Strip) is all about flexibility and ease of installation. The compact design effortlessly fits into narrow spaces and blends seamlessly into any décor. The resulting effect is a subtle yet impactful enhancement to your surroundings, adding a touch of elegance and enhancing the overall ambiance. Unlike traditional lighting options, LED Tape can bend and shape to your needs, wrapping around corners and curves with ease. Install it quickly and effortlessly without compromising its integrity. Read More ...

When selecting LED Tape, consider the vast array of colours available. For a touch of vibrancy and customisation, opt for our RGB colour-changing tape. This solution allows you to transform the lighting ambiance with a mere touch of a button from the remote control included.

LED Tape Applications

The versatility of LED Tape lends itself to many applications. Suitable for bars, restaurants, retail, other indoor and some outdoor areas, commercial properties can utilise LED Tape's design to create seamless and functional illumination with IP20 or IP65 options available. The subtle yet effective light enhances any space and elevates aesthetic appeal. Our team can custom cut and pre-wire your LED tape to your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless installation process. This service eliminates the need for DIY wiring and soldering, making it ideal for those who prefer a professional setup.

Quick and easy installation

Our LED tape is designed for effortless installation. With its self-adhesive 3m backing, you can quickly and easily adhere it to various surfaces without the hassle of traditional wiring or mounting brackets. Fixed or DALI dimmable drivers are available, so you can choose the option that suits your preference, whether you prefer a constant light level or the flexibility of adjustable brightness. As standard, our LED Tape is available at warm white (3000K), providing a cosy and inviting atmosphere, or neutral white (4000K), offering a crisp and clean illumination.


FX LED - 12V IP65

IP655 Years Warranty2 Years On-Site Warranty (T&C`s Apply)
12 Volts