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Tamlite eliminates 51 tonnes of plastic waste as part of circular economy strategy

Tamlite Lighting has eradicated more than 51 tonnes of plastic from its operations over the last four years. This is the equivalent to well over 1 million plastic bags.

The leading independent lighting manufacturer has also reduced consumption of new plastics by an impressive 80%. This is down from 14.5 tonnes in 2020 to 2.7 tonnes - rewarding its efforts in this key environmental area.

The move to eliminate plastics from its operations is part of the company’s award-winning circular economy strategy. For many years it has sought to move away from the traditional linear resource consumption model. Instead, it has moved towards designing out waste, maximising value, and improving maintenance. It also means returning materials into the cycle at the end of their lives.

Tamlite’s luminaire design team has taken steps to ensure that the amount of plastic used within its products has also been reduced. Through innovative design, they are also making strides to futureproof luminaires and expand their longevity.

One such example is its ‘Solar’ luminaire. The design team re-engineered the existing design of the product, meaning no additional cost and resource of starting a whole new design.

The company has also completely removed plastic packaging from a number of products. This includes the batten and flat panel lighting ranges. With sales involving very substantial quantities of fittings every year, the savings rapidly add up.

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As it steps up its circular economy approach, Tamlite has switched to card/paper-based packaging. These materials are already made of 100% recycled materials. They've also moved to paper-based tape instead of vinyl so that all the packaging components are recyclable.


Sustainable operations

Tamlite Lighting Head of Wellbeing, Debbie-Sue Farrell, said: “As a responsible manufacturer, we take pride in leading by example when it comes to tackling climate change. Across our operations and processes we have embraced a circular economy approach where possible. This means we've reduced our impact on the environment.

"Reducing our reliance on plastic, as well as other non-recyclable materials, is an important part of our strategy going forward," Debbie said, "The results speak for themselves as we make real strides towards being a more sustainable manufacturer.

“Sustainability across our operations will remain a major focus for us. We are committed to providing our customers luminaires that are built with care, diligence and quality at their core.”


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