Tamlite Office Lighting Croxley Park Watford Case Study

Croxley Park, Watford

New Office Space Fitted Out with Flexible, Modern Luminaires

Croxley Park, a leading business park in Watford, has collaborated with Tamlite Lighting to install modern luminaires in one of their office spaces.

Along with 700,000 sq. ft of office space across 13 buildings, Croxley Park provides people with a range of amenities. This makes it a hub of culture and productivity within Watford.

There are sports facilities, as well as a gym, an impressive two storey café with a lake view, and creative, flexible event space designed to be completely adaptable for modern business tenants.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, lighting designs in modern buildings such as Croxley need to work harder to take occupant wellbeing into account. The lighting needs to be flexible and modern to create the right atmosphere to foster interaction, creativity and energy efficiency. Employee and visitors alike must benefit from the choice of lighting without noticing it.

Seeking A Solution

Tamlite were specified as part of the lighting upgrade; lighting that needed to suit their modern business requirements. Tamlite worked alongside Watkins Payne- consultants for the project – as the partnership between the two parties meant a trust was already established.

Watkins Payne and Tamlite have worked together on various projects beforehand, so we were confident going in that this project would be high-quality - another success to add to the list.

The brief was to provide a flexible, energy conscious lighting system. One that would be suitable for the modern, wellbeing focused office space.

Times have changed significantly for offices in the last two years, and parks like Croxley have risen to the challenge to attract new businesses to the site.

Tamlite Croxley Park Watford open space signum lighting

Stylish, Linear Lighting for the Modern Workplace

The SIGNUM was specified due to its adaptability, sleek profile as well as performance.

Flexibility was key, with the SIGNUM available in standalone and continuous options this helps transform the modern workplace. It’s ideal for individual meeting rooms, offices, and wide-open spaces. It proved an obvious choice for Croxley. The SIGNUM luminaires are also available with both Opal and Micro-prism diffusers for glare reduction. This is massively important to improve the visual comfort and concentration of those using the space.

The fact that the SIGNUM can be easily lengthened  changes the office space. This sort of future-proof flexibility gives clients confidence that the lighting can be efficiently changed if ever needed.


PIR Sensors added for Energy and Cost Reduction

Tamlite fitted the luminaires with PIR sensors to ensure that they only stay on when someone is occupying the room. This means significant energy savings in a time where efficiency in business is more important than ever.

The designers and customer at Croxley were impressed with the level of service and the support they received from Tamlite.

As with most projects, there were issues that had to be smoothed out during the process,” said a representative from Tamlite. “However, the trusted partnership between our team and the client enabled quick, efficient resolutions that kept the project on track.”


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