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Nisbets, Avonmouth

Nisbets Update Their Warehouse Lighting With Tamlite's Expo Range

Nisbets is a multinational distributor to the food-service sector. The company develops, retails and distributes commercial kitchen equipment, catering supplies and other hospitality products and services to hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, schools and colleges.

The current warehouse lighting system, at their distribution centre in Avonmouth, was becoming outdated and contributing to wasted energy. The building's original lighting was nearing 15 years old, and was proving inefficient - both in terms of the levels of light needed for staff wellbeing and productivity, and their energy bills each month.

An LED upgrade was needed. That's where Tamlite came in.

Choosing The Right LED Solution

An LED Lighting installation can reduce the quantity of luminaires required, and reduce energy costs significantly at the point of use. By implementing the latest advancements in LED lighting technology and utilising state-of-the-art control systems, Nisbets have been able to unlock a whole new level of energy efficiency and cost savings. With these cutting-edge solutions, we knew that Nisbets would not only benefit from a reduction in energy consumption, but would also enjoy the added advantage of enhanced lighting performance and longevity.


Tamlite industrial and warehousing lighting nisbets avonmouth case study

Free Energy Calculations

Prior to the installation, we provided Nisbets with complimentary energy calculations to offer the most precise evaluation of potential savings. Nisbets were particularly delighted that we also offered a commissioning service to guarantee maximum savings and the optimal setup to meet their specific requirements. Ultimately, this was the primary motivation behind the installation in the first place!

EXPO Light Fittings

After assessing the building, it was determined that we needed to supply luminaires with an integral sensor suitable for ceiling heights of at least 20m. The EXPO high output low/high bay with ultra-high rack optic solution was the instant fix. Capable of producing a high optical control, with emergency and Tamlite Vision control options available, this version of the EXPO high bay was perfect to complete the project.

Edward Wright (Nisbets) Facilities Manager – Hard Services said: 'We implemented Tamlite EXPO high bay light fixtures, decreasing the total number of luminaires from 382 to 264! As a result, our warehouse's energy costs for high-level lighting were significantly reduced, thanks to the incorporation of daylight dimming and PIR timer controls (VISION) being integrated into the fixtures.'

Tamlite industrial and warehousing nisbets avonmouth case study

Lighting Controls

Incorporating Tamlite Vision options gave Nisbets the extra flexibility and control they were looking for. Tamlite Vision systems utilise the latest in occupancy sensing and daylight dimming technology to light the space the way it needs to be. Through the use of PIR and microwave sensors, the output of Tamlite luminaires can be managed to reduce the length of use, and money spent each month.

Another huge positive that came with the EXPO ultra-high rack units was that not only did Tamlite significantly reduce the number of fittings per aisle compared with the existing, now banned from sale, T5 fluorescent fittings but Tamlite also supplied a lower wattage EXPO than the existing luminaires. In achieving this, Tamlite improved the light levels in line with CIBSE SLL guidelines, plus maximised energy savings to ensure the fastest ROI possible.


The EXPO was also chosen after assessing site conditions, such as daylight availability, ambient temperatures, and tough environmental conditions (find out more about IK Ratings). From this, as the project was intended for racked areas at a high mounting height, with reasonable daylight levels already available, this version of the EXPO was cleary the right option and the client was left with a complete solution.

Edward Wright at Nisbets complimented the end result: ‘We are extremely happy with the installation, and it is certainly a step in the right direction for our ESG commitments as a business.’

The project was completed in partnership with Scott Dublin Electrical. Customer peace of mind and speed of install were two of the key measures for this successful partnership, in which Tamlite worked closely with Scotty O'connor, MD.

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