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Dakota Hotel Eurocentral - Motherwell

Less than 4 Year Return on Investment for Popular Dakota Hotel.

In a long line of projects for the Dakota Hotel chain, Comply 2 has specified and installed Tamlite Lighting City PT luminaires for their newest retrofit upgrade.

Comply 2 work with many well-known brands such as Bauer Media Group, M&Co and Holiday Inn. They are regular contractors for Dakota Hotel and are their trusted electricians. Comply 2 came to Tamlite with the brief and they were able to supply them with exactly what they were looking for.

A lighting solution was needed to update the hotel’s car park, and create a greater balance between light and darkness, for the safety of the occupants making their way in and out of the hotel. The stylish Dakota Eurocentral Hotel is located just off the motorway near Motherwell and required luminaires to complement its aesthetic. The boutique hotel is a popular venue for corporate events and business guests and is situated equidistant to both Edinburgh Airport and Glasgow Airport.

Contractors Comply 2 were more than pleased with how everything came together - ‘When choosing the lighting for the Dakota Hotel car park, we knew we needed to do more than just modernise the look. We really needed a solution that covered energy efficiency as well as durability. Having worked with Tamlite products before, I checked out their urban range, and they seemed to really fit the bill when it came to supplying the correct luminaires, and due to the availability and fluid supply chain, everything came into place hassle-free’.


Energy Savings

As with all commercial businesses, energy saving was a fundamental reason for upgrading the lighting system. Tamlite were able to calculate savings of over 70%, driving Dakota’s annual energy costs down by around £4000. This was a huge appeal to the hotel, since the retrofit massively decreased both annual spending and carbon emissions.

Tamlite City PT luminaires were installed onto existing lamp posts in the car park at the front of the building. As well as reducing energy usage and costs, the focus of the project was to enhance the standard of illumination in the car park, ensuring a well-balanced, energy efficient lighting system that eliminated glare for drivers coming in and out. Hotel car parks are in use 24/7, therefore the lighting system needs to be reliable and durable. The City PT produces up to 129 lm/W efficacy and has a lifetime of 84,000 hours. The luminaire is designed with a die-cast aluminium body, making it tough for all weather. This certainly gave the Dakota Hotel confidence that these luminaires can be left to operate continuously without regular maintenance.

City PT distributes all light towards the ground, to avoid contribution to light pollution and to make use of every part of the luminaire. They direct light 360° and offer excellent spacing between fixtures. City PT luminaires are T4 optic, providing wide beam area distribution with large forward throw; perfectly suiting a car park space.


Dark Sky Illumination

The International Dark Sky Association recommends that, at night, car parks should be illuminated to an average of 10 lux. This provides sufficient light for people to feel safe, without causing glare or dazzling drivers.

For more information on our Urban lighting solutions, contact our expert lighting team.

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